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About Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a groundbreaking, evidence-based model of psychotherapy that offers an intuitive and empowering method to understand human complexities.

How Can IFS Benefit You?

  • Self-Awareness: Dive deep into understanding the distinct personalities within you.
  • Conflict Resolution: Harmonize internal conflicts affecting your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
  • Emotional Healing: Compassionately address and heal past traumas and wounds.
  • Empowerment: Reinforce your core Self to lead and guide your internal family.

How Does IFS Work?

- The Multiplicity of Mind: IFS believes that our minds consist of distinct "parts," much like characters in a story, each having its own motivations, feelings, and memories.

- Protectors and Exiles: Within the IFS model, there are two primary types of parts:

  • Protectors: These parts are like our bodyguards. They take on roles to shield us from harm, manage our reactions to the world, and often show up as behaviors meant to control or divert attention from pain.
  • Exiles: Think of these as parts that are deeply hurt or traumatized. They store memories of past hurts and are often kept "exiled" or hidden away by the protectors so we don’t feel the pain they contain.
  • The Self: At the heart of IFS is the idea of the Self - an innate, undamaged core of us that possesses wisdom, compassion, and clarity. IFS aims to help individuals tap into this Self to lead their internal family of parts.
  • Healing Trauma: IFS provides a nurturing framework to address and heal past traumas by enabling a connection to and understanding of the parts (particularly the exiles) that bear these painful memories.
  • Collaboration: The goal of IFS is to cultivate a harmonious relationship between the Self and the various parts. This strengthens self-awareness, promotes inner harmony, and paves the way for profound healing.

Meet Peter Cellarius

With a deep background in psychotherapy, Peter's mission is aiding individuals to unveil, understand, and integrate their internal family members. As a focused IFS practitioner, Peter has been privileged to witness the transforming impact of IFS for numerous clients.

What our clients have to say

"Peter is a gentle, compassionate therapist with effective strategies that provide lots of clarity & facilitate personal growth. I was new to therapy when I found Peter & we were able to come up with a tailored approach that really worked for me. His ability to go above & beyond is heartwarming. He has been a bright light in my life during some of my darkest days. 

It takes an exceptional therapist to see an individual for their unique selves, value them & learn how to communicate with them in an authentic way that brings a warm, creative, healing energy to therapy sessions, the way he did for me. I am so much stronger & more resilient because he's helped me overcome so very much. His support is positively life changing. I highly recommend Peter as a therapist!"

Sarah A.

"I can not speak highly enough of Peter Cellarius, neither in quality or quantity. 

Peter's exceptional professionalism, caring disposition, and individualized approach was invaluable in helping me process the sudden loss of a family member - can't imagine having done it without him. 

Working with Peter is a tremendously rewarding experience - be ready to put the work in, and you'll be thrilled with how he'll meet you where you need."

Daniel L.

"Peter is the best therapist I've ever spoken to. Period. He takes the time to not only listen to what you're saying, but also say it back to you in a way that helps you truly define how you feel. He's so gentle in his approach that it's very easy to confide in him and not feel judged. He obviously cares about his patients and really does take the time to talk to you. In all our session, I never once felt like we were "rushed for time" or that I was on a clock. I highly recommend his services and couldn't be more satisfied. Thank you Peter!"

Amir K.

"Peter is the epitome of warmth, compassion, and unconditional positive regard. While working with Peter, you will feel validated, seen, and heard."

Victoria G.

"When my recent partner went to see Peter, he was warm & had a way to speak truth they even struggled to grasp. The help Peter gave made a powerful difference, and I'd recommend his help to anyone that wants to put in the effort to make powerful & lasting change."

Christopher C.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How long does an IFS session last? Typically, each session runs for 50 minutes.
  • Is IFS suitable for everyone? IFS has aided many, but it's best to have an initial consultation to determine its suitability for you.
  • Is there online therapy available? Yes, Peter Cellarius offers both in-person and virtual sessions.
  • How many sessions are typically needed for IFS therapy? The number varies based on individual needs. Some find progress within a few sessions, while others may engage longer.
  • Is IFS compatible with other forms of therapy? Absolutely. IFS can enhance other therapeutic approaches, optimizing the healing process.
  • What should I expect in my first session? The inaugural session is exploratory. Peter will familiarize himself with your history and your reasons for therapy, laying the groundwork for future IFS sessions.